Here at The Poetry Box®, we strongly believe great literature is meant to be accessible and enjoyed by everyone. Poetry is all around us – it just takes someone observant and thoughtful enough to write it down, to allow the world to share in the experience, to become an active witness to the beauty, the struggle, the joy, the sorrow and the ordinary brilliance of life. Through these carefully crafted observances, we as humans are led to the well of compassion and invited to get drunk on its language.

Twice a year, we will publish a new issue of The Poeming Pigeon, each issue having a unique theme, with two open calls for submissions to the journal (May/June  for the Fall Issue and Nov /Dec  for the Spring Issue). Occasionally, we will  also be open for short prose work, in addition to poetry.

We welcome work from both established and emerging writers alike. Every submission starts out in the same pile and is judged merely on its own merit, not the reputation of the writer. We enjoy poems of all styles: formal, free-verse, metered, non-rhyming, experimental, nostalgic, political, erotic, abstract, lyrical, etc. We don’t censor or shy away from ‘tough topics’, however we do draw the line at poetry that discriminates against our fellow humans.

We pledge to our readers and subscribers to publish a journal teeming with poems to stir your senses, reveal new truths, make you laugh, cry and tilt your head in that curious puppy dog way. And to the accepted poets who share and entrust us with their words, we promise to represent your work in the highest aesthetic possible, in a book you will be proud to share.


“A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in--what more could he ask? 
A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.”
                                 ― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

For our fifth issue of The Poeming Pigeon, we are seeking original poems that explore the topic of gardening and our connection with nature.   

Garden Issue scheduled for release in April/May, 2017. 

Book Launch will be in Portland in May, 2017.


We are accepting submissions from both established and emerging writers, from anywhere in the world. 

Submission Period: Nov 1 - Dec 31, 2016

  • One submission (maximum 3 poems) per author.
  • Please put all poems (with acknowledgments) in a one single file attachment. 
  • All submissions must be typed…not handwritten. Single-spaced.
  • Please put a page break between poems. If a poem is longer than one page, please notate whether or not there should be a stanza break, by putting {break} or {no break} at the top of the following page. 
  • Include your name and email address at the bottom of each page, with page numbers. (We’re not selecting work based on “who”; this is just to help us stay organized.) 
  • We prefer original, unpublished work, but if you have a piece that's a perfect fit for our theme, that has been published before, please send it with prior publication notation at the bottom of the piece. If we accept the work for this anthology, we want to make sure we credit the original publisher when applicable. 
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please notify us IMMEDIATELY if your work has been accepted elsewhere. 
  • We will not respond to submissions until AFTER the deadline of Dec 31st has passed, to make sure we give everyone a fair shot. If you haven’t heard from us by Feb 1st, feel free to drop us a line to inquire the status of your submission. 
  • We offer our contributing authors a free copy and the chance to pre-order copies of the anthology at a discount 30 days before we go to print. We also support our writers by making nominations from each issue to The Pushcart Prize. 
  • Acceptance grants The Poetry Box one time publishing rights. Upon publication, all rights revert immediately to the author. If a poem published in The Poeming Pigeon is later published elsewhere, we respectfully ask that you credit us as the original publisher. 

If you have any questions, you can contact the editor, Shawn Aveningo Sanders via

We look forward to reading your work!