Our cooperative publishing model is an ideal solution for U.S. based writers—both emerging talents and established writers alike. Publishing a poetry book can be a daunting process, especially after so much effort, time and energy has gone into the writing itself. The publishing landscape is shifting rapidly, and it can be a very confusing and often costly endeavor for those who simply dream of seeing their work in print. Therefore, we offer an affordable, cooperative solution which can be equally rewarding to both the author and the publisher. Writers are freed-up to spend time in their craft—creating more art for the world to enjoy—while we lend our experience and expertise to take care of the design and publishing details for you.

 Please read all contract details and full guidelines on our website before submitting.  

 (Please note: we are only accepting submissions from U.S. based authors/poets at this time)

Submission Period: YEAR-ROUND
Manuscript Checklist:

Cover Letter containing:

  • Proposed Book Title
  • Legal Name of Poet
  • Poet Name as it should appear on the cover
  • Synopsis/description of the collection (approx 100-150 words)
  • Contact Information including:
  •  Email Address
  •  Shipping Address
  •  Phone Number
  •  Social Media links, if applicable (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Author Website, YouTube Channel, etc).
  • Why you’re interested in having The Poetry Box publish your work.
  • Whether or not this is a simultaneous submission.     


 List of Poems in order (NOT all caps and no underlines).

All poems gathered in one document, in order, with each poem beginning on a new page.

Acknowledgments for any previously published poems.

Author Bio written in 3rd person, noting any literary awards, publications, and anything you’d like to share with the readers as it related to the topic of your book, etc.


  • Accepted file formats: WORD (.doc or docx) or RTF (rich text format).  Do not send as PDF.
  • Please use a standard readable font such as Times New Roman in 12pt. Do not embed your poems in graphics or imagery.
  • Do NOT put your poem titles in ALL CAPS.
  • Start each poem on a new page.
  • Individual poems of the manuscript may have been previously published (such as in magazines, journals, anthologies, or in author's own chapbooks/books), but the work as a whole must be unpublished.
  • Simultaneous submissions are permissible; please notify The Poetry Box via email (shawn@thepoetrybox.com) immediately if a manuscript becomes accepted/committed elsewhere.
  • The reading fee of $10.00 is payable through Submittable.
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your manuscript immediately via automatic email.
  • We aim to respond with a decision regarding your manuscript within 60 days.


If you have any questions, you can contact the editor, Shawn Aveningo Sanders via Shawn@thePoetryBox.com.

We look forward to reading your work!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.