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The Poeming Pigeon is a literary journal of poetry, featuring works from poets all over the globe, including emerging poets alongside award-winning writers, such as Jane Yolen, Paulann Petersen, Annie Lighthart, Connie Post, Andrea Hollander, Jeff Knorr, Tricia Knoll, Amy Miller, Christopher Luna, and more. The first issue was released in 2015 with "Poems about Birds" and continued with 1-2 issues per year on a variety of themes including food, cannabis, music, gardening, love poems, sports, headline news, the cosmos, pop culture, and the pandemic/protest issue. We believe poetry has the power to engage, entertain, and enlighten. In 2022, The Poeming Pigeon is getting a new look and will become a full-color annual journal of both poetry and artwork, to be released each Fall. Our open calls for submissions to the journal (some themed and some not) will run from Sept 15 thru Oct 31 each year.

We invite all voices, and especially those that have been historically marginalized or under-heard to submit and partner with us. We welcome work from both established and emerging writers alike. Every submission starts out in the same pile and is judged merely on its own merit, not the reputation of the writer. We enjoy poems of all styles: formal, free-verse, metered, non-rhyming, experimental, nostalgic, political, erotic, abstract, lyrical, etc. We don’t censor or shy away from ‘tough topics’, however we do draw the line at poetry that discriminates against our fellow humans.

As always, we pledge to our readers to publish a journal teeming with poems to stir your senses, reveal new truths, make you laugh, cry and perhaps tilt your head in that curious puppy dog way. And to the accepted poets who share and entrust us with their words, we promise to represent your work in the highest aesthetic possible, in a book you will be proud to share.


Submissions Open: Sept 15 - Oct 31, 2021

This issue scheduled for release in Fall 2022.

  • One submission (maximum 3 poems) per author.
  • Please put all poems in a one single file attachment.
  • All submissions must be typed…not handwritten. Single-spaced (double-space between stanzas).
  • All poems should have a title.
  • If submitting more than one poem, please start each poem on a new page.
  • Include your name (as it should appear in your byline) and email address at the bottom of each page, with page numbers. (We’re not selecting work based on “who”; this is just to help us stay organized.)
  • We will not consider previously published work. (Note: We do not consider self-publishing to blogs, message boards, or social media, etc., as publication with respect to this rule.)
  • Please present your poems in the format you’d like them to appear. If some of the lines are wider than our margins, we will consult you regarding any necessary line breaks or indentations needed for formatting. Our page size is 6 x 9 inches with approximately 1 inch margins.
  • Please use a standard readable font in 12pt. Do not embed your poems in graphics or imagery.
  • On the submittable form, include your BIO (50 words or less) written in THIRD PERSON, in the field provided on Submittable. Please limit your publishing credits to no more than three. Include notable accomplishments and something fun & personal to keep it engaging for our readers.
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay. (Please let us know if you need to withdraw a piece if accepted elsewhere first.)

More Info:

  • We will not respond to submissions until AFTER the deadline of Oct 31 has passed, to make sure we give everyone a fair shot. If you haven’t heard from us by March 1st, feel free to drop us a line to inquire the status of your submission.
  • We promise to read every submission and respond via submittable messaging/email.
  • All contributors (poets & artists) will receive a free copy of the book and the chance to pre-order additional copies of the journal at a discount before we go to print.
  • All poets will be considered for nomination to the Pushcart Prize.
  • Acceptance grants The Poetry Box® (publisher of The Poeming Pigeon) global serial, electronic and archival publishing rights. Copyright always remains with the author/artist. If a poem published first in The Poeming Pigeon is later published elsewhere, we respectfully ask that you credit us as the original publisher.
  • Fee to submit is $3 (for grouping of 1-3 poems OR up to 5 pieces of artwork). Individuals can submit for both categories (poetry & art), as separate submissions.
  • Every submitter will receive a 25% coupon to use in our bookstore on any title.

If you have any questions, you can contact the editor, Shawn Aveningo-Sanders via Shawn@thePoetryBox.com.

We look forward to reading your work!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.